The Dublin Bay Island Trial – awesome!!!


I'm really excited about the launch of 'The Island Trial' some summer fun up against the moths, skiffs, cats, windsurfers and who ever else thinks they've got what it takes :)

The Island Trial is a sailing Time Trial around a fixed course in Dublin Bay. The challenge is open to all sailors in all boats. The course will be deemed "open" as soon as the racing marks are laid for the summer. The course will remain open until the racing marks are removed next October.

The object naturally is to sail the course in the fastest time. A leaderboard will be maintained which will show the outright leader for the Bragging Rights Cup. There will be a separate leaderboard maintained for trialists using times corrected under the PY Handicap for the Handy Sailor Silver Salver.

The Website

The Course

Details of the course are being finalized, but the outline is simple.

Start between the piers, out around Dalkey Island and back. That's the summary.

They'll use a few of the DBSC marks as gates to keep the course straight, but that's about it. You get to choose which way you go around the island, when you sail, etc. Tactics are a key part of the event.

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