Cabrinha Velocity – The Bar


The Velocity, Cabrinha's brand new race setup enters the world stage next week (24th March '13) when it becomes IKA race legal, and from the moment you touch it your jaw has one place to go, and that's the floor.

The Velocity line is about one thing alone - 'Velocity Made Good', aka VMG, the sailors byword and the goal of every rider who steps up to a startline in eager anticipation.

Lets talk about the bar setup.
As soon as you roll out the lines, this bar screams 'fast', every new detail is about either shaving weight, minimizing drag or improving safety. Cabrinha's combination of listening to real world racers, and giving some geeky types the enough time and freedom to geek it out means you get a bar that's nothing short of astounding.

Shaving Weight.
The No1 razor blade haircut is evident from lighter pigtails, less hardware, less padding, and lighter lines everywhere.. kite lines, leader lines, centre line, the list goes on. The advantages of shaving weight are pretty obvious, as is the draw back, a lack of durablity. Yet those Geeks at Cab HQ have solved that with clever details like replaceable pigtails and thickening sections of line at critical wear points only. Ideal for an experienced rider looking for 1% percents where ever they come.

Minimizing Drag.
The single most important advantage in this mission of lightening, removing, and basically thinning the bar and lines is a massive increase in aerodynamics. Does that mean we go faster with less resistance? Yes but there's a bigger picture to grappel with.. When going upwind the kite has to handle alot more wind than when its stopped or reaching.
This acts like an invisible hand pushing the kite further and further back into the window as board speed increases quickly overpowering the rider, and/or reducing upwind pointing angle. The upshot of those clever clogs finding innovative new ways to minimize the drag on your lines is that your kite flys further forward in the window. On a windward / leeward race course that means you can handle a bigger kite upwind, and thus more sail area to push deeper and faster downwind.. I'd call that a "Win Win Situation"

The simpler setup of single line flagging on the velocity race bar inspires confidence in tight situations, multiple line raps are an ever present danger as tight groups of 50 to 100 riders jossel for position on a busy startline. With several kites wrapped its possible that backlines snag and dont allow the kite to fully depower. An old school single line has a much higher success rate in this unique environment.

Feel The Depower
The 4:1 Clam Cleat setup is an essential part of a race bar, in reality you cant ride a raceboard at full pace without this set up. The ability to adjust your front lines as much as 30cm with the kite fully loaded allows the rider to match the bar position to stance, and kep your body stable and the fins engaged and driving. Cabrinhas solution is clean and simple, just as it should be.

All in all, Cabrinha have produced an awesome product that should see many podiums and happy racers as the season evolves.

Jade is Ireland's Premier Kiteboard racer, competing on the International Pro-circuit & ISAF Olympic Class events. She is currently has a top 10 world ranking