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Kitepixs Article About Racing And The 2015 Season

So much fun!!!!! Talking to magazine, whats it about? The usual - "Life is awesome, racing is amazing, kiteboarding rocks... but I guess you all knew that already, so there's some pretty pictures too :) Special thanks to Michael Petrikov (the man mostly behind the lens) Magda Wegielnik, Dominika Wilczyńska Francois Colussi, George Treadwell and off course, Pure Magic Watersports for collectively making it happen!

Article Kite board racing once rostered for 2016 Olympic inclusion, then unceremoniously dropped was a tough blow. Here at Kitepix HQ we where wondering how things have moved on since that 2012 decision. The outcome of which left many kiter's olympic dream in tatters. To find out what things look like today we caught up with one of our Kitepix friends and avid racer, Jade O'Connor. She had an incredible year in 2014 - Crowned British Ladies Champion, 2nd at the ISAF World Cup Test Event, 4th at the European Championship, 8th at the World Championships and named Outsider Magazines Woman Of The Year, now there's a mouthful! So Jade let's start with an easy one. Who are you, and what you up too? Hi George, I hail from Dublin, Ireland. My local spot is the wide open sands of Dollymount, just a few km's from the city centre. Right now I'm having breakfast in Istanbul on the way back from 5 weeks winter training in Egypt. I'm heading to the West of Ireland for a video shoot with PureMagic on Achill Island, some final training at home, and then back out to the first competition of the year in Palma Majorca. I've been racing in the Formula Kite board Class since 2011, and I absolutely love ...


Day 2 – 2013 Kiteboard Racing World Championship


The skies of Bo’ao, Hainan, China have never looked so busy after two days of solid racing as 140 plus sailors from 45 countries compete at the Kiteboard Racing World Championships. ISAF Sailors Of The Year nominees Erica & Johnny Heineken stamp their authority with an obvious speed and angle advantage. The remaining places are hard fought amongst the worlds best kite racers in testing conditions with solid winds over 20 knots for the last two days and set to continue for the remainder of the event. Irish Sailor Jade O’Connor moved up the rankings of the ladies fleet today. She’s currently positioned 12th overall with an improving scoreline, posting a 10th and 7th in race 5 & 6 respectively. IKA World Championship 2013 - Day 1 from Kiteboard Tour Asia on Vimeo.


The Road To The European Championships

After 24 hours of obsessing about elevation, icing and rest, the swelling was already beginning to drop and I realized there was a good chance everything would be okay, some dislocation and bruising but otherwise peachy. I knew I could have my foot mended in two weeks... phew!!! Every now and again a curve ball comes slicing from the right and your in brand new territory! My curved ball arrived on fine Friday evening, a wipeout at breakneck speed left me wincing in pain, holding my foot. Body dragging for shore, my mind was filled with thoughts of missing the upcoming European Kite Race Championships. All that training, all that prep up in smoke, just my luck to mess of my foot again just before an important event. At last years worlds I was nursing 3rd degree burns on both ankles after a cooking accident a few days previous. I...


The Dublin Bay Island Trial – awesome!!!


I'm really excited about the launch of 'The Island Trial' some summer fun up against the moths, skiffs, cats, windsurfers and who ever else thinks they've got what it takes The Island Trial is a sailing Time Trial around a fixed course in Dublin Bay. The challenge is open to all sailors in all boats. The course will be deemed "open" as soon as the racing marks are laid for the summer. The course will remain open until the racing marks are removed next October. The object naturally is to sail the course in the fastest time. A leaderboard will be maintained which will show the outright leader for the Bragging Rights Cup. There will be a separate leaderboard maintained for trialists using times corrected under the PY Handicap for the Handy Sailor Silver Salver. The Website   The Course Details of the course are being finalized, but the...


African Championships – Thanks


As the African Championships draw to a close I'm super happy with my championship. I've proved to myself that I can hold my own amongst the top 20, I've got the speed and angles, now I need time on the water for consistency, the easy work is done. Soon I'll be back in Dublin and the hard yards of solo training, raining and training commence. Before all that, I feel I must say a BIG THANKS. Thanks to the many people and sponsors who helped me get this far, and will help me go the rest of the distance( Ristafins, Cabrinha UK, PureMagic), thanks to all the amazing riders who have so often shared their speed secrets to help develop mine, and thanks to everyone at home, with all their support and well wishes that make it all the sweeter to be here. On the shoulder of Giants I stand,...


Cabrinha Velocity – The Bar


The Velocity, Cabrinha's brand new race setup enters the world stage next week (24th March '13) when it becomes IKA race legal, and from the moment you touch it your jaw has one place to go, and that's the floor. The Velocity line is about one thing alone - 'Velocity Made Good', aka VMG, the sailors byword and the goal of every rider who steps up to a startline in eager anticipation. Lets talk about the bar setup. As soon as you roll out the lines, this bar screams 'fast', every new detail is about either shaving weight, minimizing drag or improving safety. Cabrinha's combination of listening to real world racers, and giving some geeky types the enough time and freedom to geek it out means you get a bar that's nothing short of astounding. Shaving Weight. The No1 razor blade haircut is evident from lighter pigtails, less hardware, less...


Woot Woot!! I Made The Cabrinha International Team


I'm over the moon to make the leap from local rider to international on they're website no less allround looking fierce team rider.... bang oh yeah!!! Cabrinha, Pure Magic, Ristafins and Pryde UK have been amazing sponsors over the last three years and now more than ever Cabrinha's help in providing serious racing win kites and on going support really set me up for the 2013 race season. I'm pretty excited about the coming season and really amp'd to get stuck into on the water training again, this year I'm rocking the all new Velocity VMG's, My carbon footprint is by Aguera, and Ristas keep in all calm underneath. Check it out at the: Cabrinha Website


ISAF committee meeting – kiteboardings future still hangs in the balance


One thing I know to be true.. Kiteboarding requires someone with vision, with imagination to try it, to become a rider, or support it's development. If your the kind of person that gets hung up on details then your in the wrong place, because its difficult to understand, it rewrites the rules of speed and maneuverability, and employs new methodologies, it's something you have to feel rather than understand... Much like Foiling Moths or AC72, they require a leap of faith. Olympic dreams are still alive for kiteboarders around the globe but as we wait for ISAF to cast the final dice on Saturday. In Dublin, this is where we are..... Box rule most likely in, one design out - excellent as it allows a greater weight range in the class. Trainers & coaches don't have to come from existing pool of MNA sail staff - good decision to aid...