African Championships – Thanks


As the African Championships draw to a close I'm super happy with my championship. I've proved to myself that I can hold my own amongst the top 20, I've got the speed and angles, now I need time on the water for consistency, the easy work is done. Soon I'll be back in Dublin and the hard yards of solo training, raining and training commence. Before all that, I feel I must say a BIG THANKS. Thanks to the many people and sponsors who helped me get this far, and will help me go the rest of the distance( Ristafins, Cabrinha UK, PureMagic), thanks to all the amazing riders who have so often shared their speed secrets to help develop mine, and thanks to everyone at home, with all their support and well wishes that make it all the sweeter to be here. On the shoulder of Giants I stand, thank you all

Jade is Ireland's Premier Kiteboard racer, competing on the International Pro-circuit & ISAF Olympic Class events. She is currently has a top 10 world ranking